Wedding Invitations

Capture the essence of romance with a beautiful wedding invitation adorned with dreamy watercolour art. From Save-The-Dates to RSVP cards, the stationery sets the tone for your perfect day. Let the timeless designs evoke the magic of your love story, ensuring every detail, painting and illustration reflects your unique style and personality.

Personalised wedding invitations and stationery featuring delicate watercolour flowers, leaves and the castle of Sünching in Bavaria, Germany

Illustrating with Watercolour

Watercolour illustrated wedding invitations are the best choice for couples seeking a unique and personalised touch to their special day. These invitations offer a timeless elegance and artistic charm that stands out, capturing the essence of romance and sophistication. The delicate, hand-painted designs can be customised to reflect the couple's theme and personality, making each invitation a memorable keepsake. Additionally, watercolour invitations evoke a sense of craftsmanship and luxury, setting the tone for a beautiful and unforgettable wedding.

Wedding Invitation, 2023

Watercolour wedding invitation with a blue and green monochrome minimalistic pattern of flowers, branches and leaves, as well as drawings of dancing couples, showcasing the artistic vision of the couple

Minimalistic and Monochrome Colours

Using the same watercolour illustrations, you can opt for a more minimalistic approach that aligns with your personal style and wishes. By focusing on subtle, clean designs and understated elegance, these invitations can reflect modern sophistication without compromising on charm. Simplified watercolour elements and a restrained color palette will create a sleek, contemporary look while maintaining a unique and personalised touch. This approach ensures your invitations are both timeless and stylish, perfectly setting the stage for your special day.

Personalised wedding invitations and stationery featuring delicate watercolour roses and spring flowers, for a dream wedding in Salzburg, Austria

Wedding Stationery

You can integrate watercolour art across your entire wedding stationery—from menus and place cards to church booklets, table numbers, and placement boards—creates a cohesive and branded aesthetic that harmonises with your wedding flowers and decorations. This consistent use of watercolour designs ensures a unified and elegant look, seamlessly tying together every element of your celebration. By reflecting the style and colors of your wedding invitations, this approach enhances the overall ambiance, making your special day visually stunning and thematically coherent.

Versatile Wedding Invitation Designs

Wedding invitations can also feature versatile designs such as a monogram, pattern, or calligraphy. These elements offer elegance and personalization, creating a unique and sophisticated look that sets the tone for your special day. Whether you choose a classic monogram, a stylish pattern, or beautiful calligraphy, these designs can seamlessly align with your wedding theme and decor.

  • Personalised wedding invitations and stationery featuring delicate but hot summer watercolour flowers and a beautiful calligraphy monogram, M and K
  • Watercolour wedding invitation with pastel coloured patterns on the boarder, inspired by austrian traditional clothing, showcasing the artistic vision of the couple
  • Watercolour wedding invitation with pastel green minimalistic Monogram, showcasing the artistic vision of the couple