My Story

Hi, I'm Leo. I create bespoke invitation designs, personalised stationery, and fun story telling through children's books. My unique illustrations and use of high-quality materials bring stories and creative ideas to life, making every product special. Discover more about what I offer through my webpage, social media and more!
Large Trompe L'oeil painting depicting a a fake wood and marble illustration in vibrant colours, in oil-paint and gold leaves

Early Painting stages:

Thirteen years ago, my journey with the art of "Trompe L'oeil" oil-painting began in Brussels. This style of painting sparked my passion for visual arts. Seeking to broaden my horizons, I moved to Paris, where I initially studied illustration before switching to communication design, ultimately earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts. My time in Paris also included working at a visual communication agency, where I honed my skills and developed a deeper understanding of design.

Trompe L'oeil Painting of wood and marble, with gold leaf – 2009

Personalised wedding invitations and stationery featuring delicate watercolour flowers, winery, deers, butterflies and a stylised monogram

My next chapter unfolded in Berlin, where I joined a startup as a graphic designer. The bustling creative scene in Berlin inspired me to do my own thing, and I eventually transitioned to freelancing, which allowed me more flexibility to explore different creative avenues. During the pandemic, I moved to Lisbon and a new opportunity arose when I created watercolour wedding invitations for two friends. This experience reignited my love for illustration and set me on a new path. Realising that my true passion lay in illustrating, I began re-focusing on creating illustrated children's books—a dream that had been with me since my university days in Paris, where I illustrated my first two books.

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WEdding INvitation for a friend, 2020

Illustrated Cover from the 'Salomon the Little Salamander' children's book series written and printed by H.G. Morice Young

Creating the Now

Today, I am fully immersed in the world of children's book illustration, working on a new project with a sense of confidence and purpose that I hadn't felt before. The journey has been long and winding, filled with moments of self-doubt and discovery. However, I am now on the cusp of releasing my latest works, set to come out in Q4 of 2024. I invite you to stay tuned and join me as I bring these stories to life, sharing the magic of picture book illustration.


"Salomon the little Salamander", written and produced by H.G. Morice Young, 2013