"The Inside Job" by Sandalene Dale Roberts, Capetown 2018, Janine Egger & Leopoldine Liechtenstein as "Common Instincts"



Photography, Graphic Design and Illustrations for Sandalene Dale Robert's Book "The Inside Job" (directed by Sandalene Dale Roberts), showcasing South African based restaurants The Testkitchen, The Potluck Club and The Shortmarket by Luke Dale Roberts. 

Sandalene Dale Robert's book "The Inside Job" fuses the styles of an artist-book, a cookbook and different portraits of people working for Luke Dale Roberts, who make up the unique atmosphere of each restaurant. The readers have a look into both the professional and social lives of not only Luke, but every single person as well as new recipes.

The images as well as the graphic design and illustrations captured in each chapter reflects the diversity of the restaurants and the characters with its unique energy and personalities; hence creating a completely new way of communicating and translating the identities of the restaurants in a visually innovative way.

If you want to make a reservation at the restaurants or purchase the book visit their website here.

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